Workout of the Week

It’s a snowpocalypse in the Chicago land area today! For those that had the day off work- I am jealous! No days off when you’re in the medical field unfortunately but I’m thankful my patients are venturing out in the snow for me. If you’re stuck inside today give this whole body home workout a shot, combining strength training and cardio for the best calorie burn!:

Try to perform with little rest for maximum calorie burn:

-20 jumping jacks

-20 squats

-20 marching with elbow to opposite knee in standing (each leg)

-20 crunches

-20 high knees

-10 push ups

-20 jumps (like a jump rope without the rope)

-10 lunges each leg

-20 alternating arm punches

-20 second plank


You can repeat this series 1-3 times depending on the amount of time and energy you have!

Comment below how it went for you!

Katie PT, DPT

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