About Me

What makes this page different than other fitness sites?

This site is not like other fitness blogs and personal training sites. I am bringing my clinical expertise from the years I’ve spent working with the general public and athletes of all ages to you. I have helped many return to their prior level of function, pursue their top athletic performance, and improve their overall health status in my career. I wanted to create a site to broaden the people I can service. I want to empower you to take control of your fitness and athletic goals. I want to help you prevent injuries so you can continue doing what you love. I want to help you prevent or eliminate disease through overall fitness performance. I want to help you improve your athletic performance. Let me help YOU!

What are my qualifications? 

I started my education at Elmhurst College in Illinois where I majored in exercise science. I went on to get my Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy at Northwestern University in Illinois. I then completed a Sports Residency which has allowed me to specialize in treatment of athletes as a physical therapist. My additional education has given me a broader understanding of the human body, sports performance, biomechanics, and injury and disease prevention. I have 8 years of education in this field and many years of clinical practice. 

What is my exercise background?

I have participated in a multitude of fitness activities. I started out dancing, and spent a year on a dance company. I quickly learned I was going nowhere quick with dance and pursued cheerleading. I competed competitively for 5 years before retiring- holding 4 state championship first place wins. After cheerleading, I began long distance running, completing 2 full half marathons, multiple tough mudders, and various other distance runs. I started long distance cycling for cross-training when I was running and have participated in half century rides. The exercise modality I have found the most benefit in for my athletic goals is high intensity interval training with barbell movements, Olympic lifting, and other resistance training. 

My Family

On 10/20/2018 I married my husband and best friend. We welcomed my first born son to the world on 11/15/2020. Throughout my pregnancy I stayed active while also taking care to ensure proper recovery after birth. I was able to resume my exercise participation after 6 weeks postpartum progressing slowly. I would love to help pregnant and postpartum women, and those planning on getting pregnant maintain a level of fitness through their journey!

Thank you for taking time to get to know me and I hope I have the pleasure of getting to know you.